2015…What a Great Year!

December is here which is a great time to reflect back on 2015. I thank all of you for being part of my journey with my brand new blog.  It has been lots of fun and I’m continuing to learn so much.  From Basil Cake to Lemon Balm Tea, this first year was a success and had me using my herbs more than ever.  I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

My big news…Thyme Times was featured last week on www.theylife.comClick here for their awesome article called “Flavoring Up the Y Life with Thyme Times.”  It was a lot of fun sharing herb gardening tips  and sharing this blog with their Millennial readers. Here’s a selfie of me with one of my gardens they used!


I’m also looking forward to 2016 as I help launch a learning garden at my daughters’ elementary school.  It’s going to be a lot of fun getting all of those little hands in the dirt.    Here’s a picture of the abandoned garden beds . The school installed them but they never grew anything as it turned out to be too big of a project without parent volunteers. Future herb gardeners?  Most definitely!



A year ago, I made the New Year’s Resolution to start this blog.  My 2016 New Year’s Resolution?  There’s a lot because I’ve got so much to learn (and implement) on the technical side but I’ve narrowed it down to the goal of launching a monthly newsletter. My hopes is that it will  making Thyme Time’s gardening tips, profiles and recipes even more accessible to you guys.  Stay tuned!

And now here’s what is currently THRIVING and HAPPY in my current cold Zone 8 December Herb Gardens.



Curly Parsley

Curly ParsleyFlat Leaf Parsley




With that, I bid you adieu until 2016.  I hope you have a wonderful Holiday season and I’ll be back in January!




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