Things to do with Basil: Make Creamy Basil Dressing Recipe

It’s late September and I’m on borrowed time with my remaining Basil plant. I’ve been using her daily and searching for new ways to use her deliciousness while I can. I wanted to make a Basil Salad Dressing which really highlighted the flavor  of this plant. Here’s what I made:

Things to do with Basil: Make Creamy Basil Dressing.

This pictures shows my Sweet Basil (also known as ‘Genovese’) in late June.  I planted this one by seed in April and another by transplant in a separate garden.

TT June Basil

As you can see, she’s bushy (because I pinched her leaves regularly) and has large bright green leaves. It’s cucumbers you see growing up the trellis behind her.  Click Here for how to grow.  It’s easy! Definitely one of the least demanding (and most popular) of the herbs.

About three weeks ago (beginning of September), the pretty flowers arrived.  I could have cut them off to prolong growth but the bees LOVE them and I just can’t bare to take that joy away.  So for the most part, I let this basil flower.

Basil flowers

I did cut off some for fresh garden flower arrangements. These consisted of Basil Flowers, Celosias, and Zinnias.

Basil Flower Arrangement

Here’s my herb today. As you can see, the white petals are gone and some leaves are turning more of a yellow hue indicating her time is coming to an end.

TT Basil with Flowers

As I previously mentioned, I am currently on a quest for new Basil recipes.  Sometimes they are “Ashley Originals” and sometimes they are from creative chefs who use fresh herbs. Either way, they are approved by yours truly and use your Basil.

I found this lovely recipe for Creamy Basil Dressing over at  It’s a fantastic blog specializing in raw cooking.

Click Here for this tasty healthy salad dressing. She used this dressing on a Blueberry and Peach Salad.  I just used it on spinach with carrots and sprouts and it still ROCKED!

Due to copyright reasons, I can’t post the recipe on my blog but here are some pointers.

When you soak the cashes make sure you do it for at least 30 minutes and no more than 2 hours or else they will get mushy. Cashews are GREAT for giving the creamy texture without the full fat of cream.

TT Cashews Soaking

Now the fun part, using your Basil!  Cut enough for 1/2 cup.  Be sure to rinse and lightly pat dry to get rid of any dirt or spider webs.

TT Cutting Basil

The original recipe calls for lemon juice but I substituted lime juice and still turned out great.  You’ll need a shallot (regular garlic would work) and a lime or lemon.

TT Shallots Basil

Add your shallots, basil, lime (or lemon juice), water, and cashews to your blender. Blend JUST until combined.

TT Basil in Blender

Here’s the Creamy Basil Dressing. It makes around 1 cup.

TT Creamy Basil Dressing

So delicious! I just wish I found this recipe at the beginning of the season.  I would have made it all season long.

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